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    We are Milwaukee's leading chiropractic firm looking for practices in greater Milwaukee that want to sell or be part of our ongoing success.

    Need help growing your practice?

    You handle the patient care and we'll handle the rest.

    Want to sell your chiropractic clinic?

    We will buy your practice quickly and at a fair price.

    Planning for your retirement?

    We buy now, you remain Clinic Director until you retire.

Why Choose Us

Want Help Growing Your Chiropractic Practice?

Most chiropractor are passionate about the health and wellness of their patients and provide excellent care. Unfortunately, the many demands of running a practice often take time away from patient care leaving doctors conflicted.

Chiropractic Company has grown steadily over the past 30 years and have perfected the business of chiropractic.

Joining Chiropractic Company will let you focus solely on what you love - caring for patients. We will provide the training, expertise and support you need to be a success!

Once you become a Chiropractic Company clinic, you will receive:

  • Health Insurance, Short and Long Term Disability Insurance, 401k with company match
  • Paid continuing education and WCA dues
  • Effective marketing of Chiropractic Company and your individual location
  • If desired, we provide an associate doctor trained to perform all jobs in the office
  • Chiropractic Company takes over HR duties, payroll, bookkeeping, accounting, bill pay, creative design, marketing and advertising

Chiropractors who have joined us found they focus more on patient care and less on business mangement allowing them to take more vacation time and enjoy being part of a winning team.

Ready to Sell Your Chiropractic Clinic?

There are many reasons why you may want to sell your Chiropractic Practice now, such as:

  • Moving out of the area
  • Planning retirement and looking for exit strategy
  • Sell a satellite office
  • Need cash now
  • Disability or illness
  • Going through a divorce
  • Partnership buy-in or buy-out

No matter what your reasons are for wanting to sell your chiropractic business, we will work with you to accomodate your needs.

There are many benefits to selling to Chiropractic Company:

  • Simple, easy process
  • No broker fees and no hassle
  • Cash or stock buyout options
  • Receive cash in lump sum or paid over time
  • Get fair market value for you practice
  • Can be completed in as little as 4 weeks
  • We will provide excellent care for your patients

Planning Retirement and Looking for a Chiropractic Exit Strategy?

Many chiropractors at the end of their career fail to plan properly which can result in:

  • Less motivation and time in office
  • Fewer new patients
  • Reduced level of patient care
  • Lower patient satisfaction
  • Patients leaving practice
  • Depreciation of clinic value

By working with Chiropractic Company, you will have a solid exit strategy that avoids these pitfalls. The way it works is:

  • Sell your practice now
  • Remain the Clinic Director
  • Enjoy the many benefits of being an employee
  • Focus solely on patient care - we do the rest
  • Retire on your schedule

We also offer several purchase options to meet your specific needs.

See what other doctors who sold or joined us have to say

Happy Clients

See what other chiropractors had to say about their experience with Chiropractic Company.

Dr Tom Meske - So happy selling his chiropratic practice to Chiropractic Company and he has become an active patient of theirs.

Dr. Tom Meske
Grafton Chiropractic

I wanted to retire and to sell my practice at a fair price to an ethical chiropractor that would continue to treat my patients with a high standard of care. From the first meeting through closing, the process moved seamlessly. Since it was a direct sale to a company experienced in mergers and acquisitions, I did not waste a lot of time or money with lawyers and brokers. In addition, they kept the practice in the same building which I own.

I am happy to say that the whole process went so well that I am now a patient at Chiropractic Company!

Dr Matthew Johns - Johns Chiropractic

Dr. Matthew Johns
Johns Chiropractic

I ran my chiropractic practice for 21 years. Although it did well, I felt like there had to be a better, easier way. That's when I found Chiropractic Company. We entered a trial merger that allowed either party to end the relationship at the end of one year. During that time I improved operations and grew faster than ever before. After the trial, we both agreed to finalize the merger, I was given a fair value for my clinic which was converted into shares of Chiropractic Company. I have continued to manage my office and treat patients and been a happy shareholder ever since!

Dr. Richard Kemp
Kemp Chiropractic

I was ready to retire and for two years I talked to every chiropractor I knew and even employed the help of a business broker but I was unable to sell my business at the price I wanted especially after the large broker fees. Due to family medical issues it became imperative that I sell my business quickly. Luckily, I came across Chiropractic Company who bought my business at a good price and the entire process was completed within one month! They were a true godsend.

How It Works

We make the merger or acquisition process fast and easy.

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3. Get Paid or Join Us

Awards and Accolades

Official Chiropractor for UWM Athletics Top Choice for Chiropractors Winner 2019 Best of Milwaukee 2017, 2015 Winner for Chiropractor Chiropractor of the Year by Wisconsin Chiropractic Association Wellness Center of the Year by National Creating Wellness

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About Us

Chiropractic Company is Milwaukee Wisconsin's leading chiropractic firm. We are looking to buy or merge with other chiropractic practices who want to:

  • merge my chiropractic clinic with a market leader
  • sell my chiropractic practice now to do something else
  • sell my chiropractic clinic now, continue as employee, retire in a few years

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